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ReadingBatcode reading practice

ReadingBat Help

Student Tips

• Join a Class

Your teacher will give you a class code required to join a class. Click on prefs and paste the value into the Class Code text entry and then click on the Join Class button.

• Withdraw from a Class

Click on prefs and then click on the Withdraw From Class button.

• Check Answers

Check your challenge answers by clicking on the Check My Answers button or press the tab key.

Teacher Tips

The link for the Teacher Preferences is at the bottom of the prefs page.

• Create a Class

Enter a class description and click on the Create Class button on the Teacher Preferences page. Each class will be assigned a unique class code. To enroll students in a class, send them the class code and ask them to follow the Join a Class instructions above. For testing purposes, it is fine to enroll in the class you created.

• Select an Active Class

Select the radio button of the class you are interested in monitoring and then click the Update Active Class button. You will then be in teacher mode, which will allow you see student progress. Select the No active class option and then click the Update Active Class button to exit teacher mode.

• Student/Teacher Mode

While an active class is selected, you can toggle back and forth between teacher and student mode by clicking the desired mode at the top of the screen.

It is sometimes desirable to monitor students in teacher mode and also work with challenges in student mode. This is possible, but it requires that you login from a second browser on the same machine (not two windows of the same browser). One browser would be in teacher mode while the other would be in student mode.

You can monitor student inputs on multiple challenges by opening multiple windows in a single browser.

• Self-driven Demo

To see both the student and teacher experience with ReadingBat, follow these steps:

  1. Create a ReadingBat account and sign into it.
  2. Go to the teacher preferences and create a demo class and copy the class code into your copy/paste buffer.
  3. On the same page, select the radio button of the newly created class and make it your active class.
  4. Go to the user preferences and paste the class code you just copied and enroll as a student in your own class.
  5. Go to one of the challenges (in teacher mode) and you should see yourself as the only student.
  6. Open a second browser (not just a second window) and go to and login.
  7. Go to the same challenge as a student and enter some answers. You will see your answers appearing in the other browser.
  8. Go back to the other browser (in teacher mode) and click on the challenge group link to see statistics for all the challenges in that group.
  9. Click on the class link to see a class summary.
  10. Click on your student link to see a student overview.

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